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16 June 2021

We believe that who we are determines the way we operate. This is why we choose people who cherish our values and we help them unleash their potential.

Responsibility, transparency, innovation, cooperation, efficiency

We always operate according to our values and this is what makes us stand out.

Corporate culture

Our corporate culture guides the way we think, feel and act.

Our values contribute generously to fulfilling the doValue vision. This is why we conduct our business with integrity and transparency, fostering innovation and cooperation to get results.

We make the most of our infrastructure and our human resources. At the same time, we operate with a deep sense of social responsibility.

Professional ethics

We train our employees and associates so that they:

Our skills and conduct

Our employees operate in accordance with the fundamental skills and conduct that define us as a company.


  • We devise a clear target-driven strategy.
  • We are efficient and proactive.
  • We optimise our processes and resources to meet our goals.


  • We communicate in a transparent, clear and constructive way at every level.
  • We actively participate and contribute to the team. We work together, sharing knowledge, information and experience.
  • We take on joint responsibility.


  • We effectively provide high-quality work. We strive for operational excellence, respecting the rules and regulations stemming from our operating principles.
  • We learn from past experience so that we can improve in the future.
  • We guarantee a positive experience for our clients, both internal and external.


  • We show commitment and responsibility. We create value for our company, guided by honesty, ethics and clarity.
  • We convey enthusiasm, commit and motivate our colleagues.
  • We focus on supporting and empowering our associates and colleagues. We are active and innovative creators.

Expertise in NPL management

Investors trust us for our vast knowledge and wide experience.

Our management team has long experience in financial and debt management.

Most of our executives have been working in NPL management for many years. They have held senior management positions in the banking sector for more than 15 years on average.

More than 64% of our people hold a higher education diploma.

Life at doValue

At the doValue Group we create the workplace conditions everyone seeks, meeting the needs of our people and company.

  • We follow all procedures EFFICIENTLY
  • We encourage our people to work RESPONSIBLY
  • We foster COOPERATION and teamwork
  • We promote LEADERSHIP SKILLS within our Group 

With more than 1000 employees in Greece, we keep looking for new talent.

If you come to work at doValue, you will soon realise that our company focuses on its people. Working with us means:

  • Taking part in important and interesting projects
  • Working with the most dynamic team
  • Having access to opportunities for targeted training, growth and development within a Group active in 5 countries in Southern Europe

In the same way we make sure our clients receive the best treatment, we ensure our employees have the appropriate means to grow within our company.

We focus on PEOPLE and make YOU our priority.

It all starts with you.

Continuous and targeted training

We give opportunities to people to broaden their knowledge.

All our people are trained in a continuous and targeted way with modern educational practices. With appropriate educational tools we improve their skills.

We encourage our employees to actively participate in shaping their educational profile.

To meet our training needs, we work with our own fully qualified trainers and recognised external educational bodies.

Career opportunities

We choose our associates based on meritocracy.

It is important that our people cherish the values of doValue Greece and demonstrate the appropriate skills and conduct.


When we choose new associates, we follow meritocratic processes. We take into account the overall profile of candidates, their skills and their knowledge.

Professional development

We offer specialised guidance to our people. We want them to be able to develop professionally in a dynamic environment. We encourage innovation and creative collaboration.

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