Altamira Properties Platform

16 June 2021

We have introduced the innovative Altamira Properties platform to the Greek market. Through this integrated tool we manage assets throughout Greece. We offer investors and individuals opportunities that meet their needs.

Comprehensive real estate management

Our extensive portfolio includes properties for any use throughout Greece. The Altamira Properties platform allows us to manage properties at all stages.

Extensive real estate portfolio

Our real estate portfolio offers a wide range of investment opportunities throughout Greece:

  • Commercial real estate
  • Residential real estate
  • Office spaces
  • Retail
  • Tourist complexes
  • Industrial and light industrial properties
  • Land plots for development

Our main goal is to create value for our customers. This is why we manage each property separately.

End-to-end real estate management

We undertake the management of the property throughout its life cycle, from its initial migration to our portfolio to its use and sale. We stand by you at all stages.

We offer a comprehensive network of real estate management services (asset management), which includes dedicated teams for:

  • Technical and legal due diligence and legalisations by professionals
  • Rental management
  • Property and facility management
  • Portfolio management
  • Development
  • Commercialisation through local and international sales networks

An innovative tool

On the Altamira Properties platform, you may find properties for personal use or investment. You can view their features, use smart tools and find out more about new opportunities.

Information, photos and smart tools

See a detailed description with all available information on the properties, their location on the map, as well as photos. Review and compare the properties that interest you.

You may also use the Altamira platform smart tools to:

  • Plan financing scenarios – Use the dedicated calculator in each property webpage and try out different financing options to acquire it.
  • Bid for properties in electronic auctions – You have direct access to the e-auction platform via link.
  • Learn about new properties – Opt to receive notifications about new properties hosted on the Altamira Properties platform that may interest you for personal use or investment.

Constantly updated property list

The Altamira Properties platform hosts a large number of properties for personal use or investment throughout Greece. The list of properties is constantly updated.

The properties are presented on the platform with all their features. This way you find interesting opportunities and special offers.

Properties for any use

The Altamira Properties platform is a real estate management tool. It is based on the platform of the Spanish company Altamira, a member of the doValue Group since 2019.

Altamira is a pioneer in the European real estate market. It manages portfolios of more than €70 billion and provides services to more than 10 European organisations.

Find the property that is right for you

On the Altamira Properties platform, you may find properties and investment opportunities throughout Greece that meet your needs:

Residential real estate

Look for residential real estate, such as:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Holiday homes

Investment opportunities

Find investment opportunities with the best possible terms. Invest in: 

  • Residences
  • Professional space (offices or stores)
  • Tourist properties
  • Industrial and light industrial properties
  • Land plots for development
  • Warehouses

Look for properties on the Altamira Properties platform and find opportunities that meet your needs.

Auction opportunities

Find property auction opportunities for personal use or investment. The Altamira Properties platform has all the necessary information. 

You also have direct access to the e-auction platform.