doValue Greece

doValue Greece Board of Directors

18 June 2021

The Board of Directors manages doValue Greece. It exercises its responsibilities effectively, in accordance with the Greek legislation.

License, object and supervision of activities

Our Board operates collectively. It is responsible for the long-term success of doValue Greece.

Business leadership

The Board of doValue Greece offers business leadership based on sound and effective audits, allowing risk assessment and management.

Strategic goals

The Board sets our company’s strategic goals.

Financial and human resources

At regular intervals, the Board ensures that we have the necessary financial and human resources available to achieve our goals.  

Values and standards

The Board sets out our values and standards. It ensures that all doValue Greece obligations to our shareholders and others our investors, clients and people are understood and met.

Board member roles and duties

The roles and duties of the doValue Greece Board members are clearly separated.

Chairman and CEO

The Chairman and the CEO cannot be the same person.

Executive Directors

The Executive Directors of our Board:

  • Implement the strategy of the Board.
  • Monitor the operation of the doValue Group.
  • Take care of daily management issues.

Non-Executive Directors

The Non-Executive Directors of the Board:

  • Promote and safeguard the interests of doValue Greece.
  • Assist in developing strategic proposals, by exercising constructive criticism.
  • Approve, review and oversee the implementation of the Remuneration Policy.

Independent Non-Executive Directors

The Independent Non-Executive Directors deliver reports and statements to the annual and extraordinary General Meetings of doValue Greece shareholders, separate to those of the Board of Directors.

Reports and statements are delivered individually by each member or jointly, if deemed necessary.

Board composition

doValue Greece’s Board of Directors is made up of no less than 5 and no more than 13 members, in compliance with Law 4548/2018 on company law reform.

General Meeting

The General Meeting is doValue Greece’s senior governing body. It is responsible for appointing the Board members:

  • It appoints the Board members and decides on their office term, in line with the Articles of Association.
  • It appoints alternate members to the Board to replace those who resign, pass away or are relieved of their duties.

Board meetings

doValue’s Board convenes:

  • Regularly every quarter
  • Extraordinarily whenever required by the law or our needs

The Board can convene at our head offices or remotely using audiovisual or other electronic means. It is not required for any Director to be physically present.