FAQs by Debtors about doValue Greece

24 August 2021

doValue Greece is constantly evolving in loan management, offering the best possible services to investors and debtors. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about our identity and role in debt settlement.

Our legal status and history

Who is doValue Greece?

doValue Greece is a credit servicing company. It is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Greece, pursuant to Law 4354/2015.

Law 4354/2015 introduced a new type of exclusive purpose credit servicing institutions (management companies) to the Greek market.

As such a management company, doValue Greece specialises in managing debts stemming from the financial system. Such debts may stem from a loan or credit you had received.

In this context, we operate within the institutional and supervisory framework applying to credit and financial institutions.

Find out who doValue Greece is as well as our operating principles.

What are the full company details?

  • ​​​​​​Company name: doValue Greece Loan and Credit Claim Management Company SA
  • Tax Number: 099755919
  • Tax Office: Piraeus Corporation Tax Office
  • General Commercial Registry (GEMI) No.: 121602601000    
  • Address: 27 Kyprou and Archimidous Streets, 18346 Moschato, Greece
  • Website:

Are you a fund?

Are you a subsidiary of Eurobank?

No. Initially, the company, under its previous name of “Eurobank FPS”, was a subsidiary of Eurobank. However, in 2020 it was bought out and is now owned by the doValue Group.

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Why were you acquired by doValue?

By becoming part of the doValue Group, we now have the size and know-how that enable us to:

  • Make full use of the excellent personnel and knowledge of the Greek market.
  • Solidify our position as a leading credit servicing company in Greece.

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Our responsibilities

What does doValue Greece do as a credit servicing company?

It is responsible for managing the claims it has been assigned from the special purpose vehicle, pursuant to the provisions of Law 4354/2015. Its operations mainly consist of monitoring legal and accounting matters, collecting debts, negotiating with the debtors of the claims under management, entering into agreements per Articles 871-872 of the Civil Code or settling such agreements pursuant to the Code of Conduct. Among other things, the credit servicing company:

  • Handles all requests about any information regarding the debt transferred to the special purpose vehicle that has assigned said debt's management to it.
  • Manages the settlement, making sure to propose the best possible settlement, in agreement with the debt owner, i.e. the special purpose vehicle.

In the context of securitisations, doValue Greece partners with special purpose vehicles, which assign to it the management of the claims transferred to them.

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How is doValue Greece associated with the special purpose vehicle my loan has been transferred to?

doValue Greece is a licensed credit servicing company. It partners with special purpose vehicles which assign to it the management of claims transferred to them.

In the context of a securitisation, it is possible that the claim stemming from a loan or credit you have received to have been transferred to a special purpose vehicle which, in turn, has assigned its management and servicing to doValue Greece.

This is why we contact you, to inform you and work together to find the best possible settlement proposal.

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Reasons for communication

Why are you contacting me?

We have been assigned the management of your debt. In this context, we contact you:

  • To give you any information regarding your debt.
  • To work together to find the best possible solution for your debt settlement, in agreement with the special purpose vehicle your loan has been transferred to.

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You used to call me from Eurobank FPS and now from doValue Greece. What has changed?

It is the same credit servicing company. After its acquisition by the doValue Group, the name was changed from Eurobank FPS to doValue Greece.

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Why do you contact me even though I have been included in the Bridge 1 Programme?

We are contacting you to pay the amount that corresponds to you, so that you don't have any overdue debts.

If you fail to pay this amount, the subsidy will be discontinued.

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