Securitisation Operations

28 June 2021

doValue Greece ensures the smooth transfer of loan portfolios transacted under securitisation, and undertakes all the required management tasks.

Maximised securitised debt recovery

We monitor, manage and service securitised portfolios based on our extensive knowledge and expertise.

Loan portfolios

We manage secured loan portfolios:

  • Mortgage loans
  • Personal loans
  • Small business loans

Targeted actions

We represent and service the special purpose vehicle (SPV) for all management and support operations that a securitisation agreement requires.

Our focus is to best serve the interests of noteholders over the securitised debts.

Correct and accurate information

We ensure correct and accurate information for the special purpose vehicle (SPV) and consequently for bondholders, according to the securitisation agreement.

Customised practices

We apply customised practices to provide effective servicing and management solutions for securitised portfolios.

Examples of services:

  • Periodic calculation and waterfall reporting, according to the terms of the securitisation agreement.
  • Preparation and distribution of periodic servicer reports.
  • Monitoring, management and periodic reporting of relevant cash flows, both for the collection of securitised debts and the payments to bondholders.
  • Management of collateral, in rem and in personam.
  • Monitoring and management of insurance policies and claims associated to mortgage loans.

Comprehensive management services

Securitisation operations are part of the services we offer under NPL portfolio sales transactions.

Due diligence advisory

We carry out all types of due diligence for NPL portfolio sale transactions.

Discover our due diligence advisory.

Credit servicing and portfolio management

doValue Greece is the first company to offer a comprehensive range of credit servicing solutions to both banking and non-banking institutions that acquired portfolios in compliance with Law 4354/2015.

See how we customise our credit servicing, as master servicer, debt servicer and special servicer.

Real estate management

We manage assets throughout Greece through the innovative Altamira Properties real estate platform.

Discover how we create value for our investors through real estate management.