e-Signature: Sign the settlement online

1 April 2022

With the e-Signature service you sign your debt settlement agreement online. The procedure is quick and safe.

This service is available for debtors of the Mexico Finance Designated Activity Company (DAC) and Frontier Issuer Designated Activity Company portfolios.

What you need to sign online

To sign online you need to have:

  • An Internet connection – to go to the secure location for signing online or connect via video call.
  • Your ID or passport – for your identification

If you carry out the process via video call, make sure you also have:

  • Your mobile phone – to receive a one-time password for your secure identification
  • Open camera and microphone on the device connected to the Internet – to allow your identification and complete the online signature.

Simple procedure

As soon as the request to settle your debt is approved, we inform you how you can sign. Depending on your debt, you may sign online or via video call.

You receive an email with the e-signature details:

A link created uniquely for you with instructions and the information of its validity period . It leads to the completion of the signature of the settlement agreement:

  • If you sign online, the link leads to a secure location with the settlement contract. You may carefully read the terms and conditions and sign with a single click.
  • If you sign via video call, the link initiates the video call for the signature procedure. You can click on the link at a time of your choosing between 08:00 and 20:00 on working days. During the video call you have the opportunity to read the terms and conditions of the settlement contract and we explain how the e-signature is carried out. You need to open the camera and the microphone on your device to allow your identification and complete the signature.

If there are other parties involved in the settlement, they must also sign online.

Once all parties involved have signed, you receive an electronic copy of the settlement contract by email.

Absolute safety

The e-signature procedure is ensured in every step:

  • Before signing online, read carefully the terms and conditions of the settlement contract.

  • To complete the signature, you receive a one-time password (OTP) on the mobile you registered at doValue Greece.
  • Once you sign online, you receive an email with an electronic copy of the settlement contract.

Quick service

The e-signature procedure is completed without delays and red tape:

  • You do not need to move to sign you settlement contract.
  • There is no need to print a copy of the settlement contract. You receive an electronic copy by email.

Protecting the environment

Since the signing of the settlement contract is carried out online, with no printed documents:

  • We significantly reduce paper consumption.
  • We save natural resources.
  • We reduce doValue's environmental footprint.

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