Due diligence advisory

28 June 2021

We support due diligence services for transacted NPL portfolios.

Knowledge of the Greek market

We have a deep understanding of the workings, and the legal and regulatory framework of the Greek market. This is why we can detect and analyse the risks and the opportunities that arise from these.

Experience and insight

The doValue Greece team has been managing NPLs in the Greek market for many years.

Our experience adds value and insight in any due diligence procedure we undertake for investors.

Legal and regulatory framework

We have a deep understanding of the relevant legal and regulatory framework for debt restructuring:

  • Code of Conduct under Law 4224/2013
  • Extrajudicial debt settlement under Law Ν.4469/2017
  • Law 3869/2010 on Over-indebted Households, as amended and in force
  • New Law 4738/2020 on Bankruptcy

See also the principles governing the doValue Greece activities.

Comprehensive range of due diligence services

We undertake all types of due diligence services at every stage of the investment process and for all types of loans.

All types of loans

We offer our expertise and useful insight on all types of loans:

  • Mortgage loans
  • Personal loans
  • Small business loans

Assistance at every step

We support investors at every step of the investment process.

If you want to find out more about the due diligence services for investors, contact us.

Comprehensive management services

Due diligence advisory is part of the services we offer under NPL portfolio management.

Credit servicing and portfolio management

doValue Greece is the first company to offer comprehensive credit servicing to both banking and non-banking institutions that acquired portfolios in compliance with Law 4354/2015.

See how we customise our credit servicing, as master servicer, debt servicer and special servicer.

Securitisation operations

We support securitisation operations which ensure that the required portfolio management activities are fully covered.

Discover the securitisation operations we support.

Real estate management

We manage assets throughout Greece through the innovative Altamira Properties real estate platform.

Discover how we create value for our investors with real estate management.