Credit Servicing and Portfolio Management

28 June 2021

As master servicer, debt servicer and special servicer, doValue Greece customises its credit servicing operations to the interests of investors and the conditions of debtors.

Master servicing

We manage all types of debt from loans and credits and at all levels of delinquency, driven by the interests of investors.

Targeted management practices

We adapt the way we manage each portfolio to the interests and expectations of each individual investor and the features of the portfolios we are assigned. We fulfil all the servicing needs of our investors.

To maximise the returns on every investment, we adopt targeted debt management solutions depending on each debtor category.

We use multiple communication channels across Greece and we support all payment methods.

Comprehensive range of services

We use our infrastructure to meet all servicing targets and business objectives.

We efficiently support all the operations, from targeted updates to significant tasks, for the final settlement of debts, adopting personalised approaches.

We manage and monitor:

  • Cash flow processes
  • Portfolios and submission of regulatory reports
  • Internal and external channels, debt servicers
  • Legal actions

We undertake the segmentation of debtors into customised restructuring solutions and communication methods.

Debt servicing

We work with selected channels and experienced, fully-trained professionals.


To meet the needs of debtors efficiently, we:

  • Assign the cases to appropriate management channels.
  • Use methods that fully align with the portfolio segmentation.
  • View each case both at account and at customer level.

Experienced associates

We place our trust in management channels and associates with long experience in managing debtors that find it hard to meet their borrowing obligations.

Our representatives at call centres, our management advisors and all our associates are trained in finding viable solutions for the cases we manage.

We believe it is important to train our people continuously and we invest in this.

Special servicing

We offer dedicated services when claims, securitised or not, have special features.

These features include:

  • High non-performing rate
  • Legal expertise

Comprehensive management services

We offer extra services for NPL portfolio sale transactions.

Due diligence advisory

We carry our all types of economic analysis / evaluation exercises (due diligence) for transacted NPL portfolios.

Discover our due diligence advisory.

Securitisation operations

We support securitisation operations which ensure that the required portfolio management activities are fully covered.

Discover the securitisation operations we support.

Real estate management

We manage assets throughout Greece through the innovative Altamira Properties real estate platform.

Discover how we create value for our investors with real estate management.