5 Reasons to Choose Us

22 July 2021

Discover doValue Greece through the main reasons why people choose us and place their trust in us.

1. Driving the developments

doValue Greece is a leader in the Greek market and a growth hub in SE Europe. Through our leading role and position in the loan management market, we:

  • Contribute to the growth of the Greek economy
  • Create prospects
  • Pave the way for best market practices

This way, we promote a well-rounded management plan through all the stages of providing guidance to debtors. We propose new plans, digital tools and innovative alternatives.

Find out how our leadership has shaped our history through the years.

2. Backed by a large European group

doValue Greece is a member of a large and credible European group. The doValue Spa Group:

  • Holds a leading position in NPL and real estate management in South Europe
  • Is the largest management company in non-performing exposures (NPEs), non-performing loans (NPLs) and unlikely-to-pay (UTP) loans in the Italian market
  • Manages €162+ billion in loans and real estate

It covers the entire range of non-performing loan (NPL) management. It works with a network of international consulting firms, real estate appraisers, brokers and lawyers.

The doValue SpA Group at a glance.

3. Promoting innovation with sustainable solutions

We rely on innovative ideas and practices to pursue ongoing progress. To ensure that debtors bounce back immediately, we seek out-of-court settlements to recover debts.

  • Focusing on the solution with sustainable options
  • Managing problems with a deep sense of responsibility
  • Contributing to conscious decision-making after providing all the facts

In today’s digital era we foster and promote our company's operational model and have adopted a modern way of doing business.

Find out our proposed solutions for debt settlement for individuals and debt settlement for businesses.

4. Helping you make the most of our technical know-how and network

Through solid partnerships, we have acquired vast experience and extensive expertise. These make it possible for us to:

  • Predict changes and adapt
  • Adopt new practices
  • Streamline processes

Find out who we are and meet our wide network of partners.

5. In the hands of experts

Our leadership team holds solid credentials in the banking and non-performing loan management markets. Through our fully trained human resources we:

  • Provide effective services, making the most of our knowledge, infrastructure and systems
  • Maximise the profitability of the portfolios we manage
  • Operate with integrity, responsibility and transparency.

Find out which portfolios we manage and how we choose our people.